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We would like to take this opportunity and thank all of our customers for their reviews,

we appreciate it very much.


Jamie M.

Phoenix, AZ

My daughter and I have been looking for a violin shop to repair her first violin. Living in the far North Valley, I wasn't ready to drive to Mesa, but I couldn't be happier that we did!! We were in and out in 20 mins and the entire staff was super friendly. Thank you Andrews for making our long commute worth it!! You made my little girls day

Erica M.

Phoenix, AZ

Thought I'd check out Andrew's to have my bow rehaired since I'd been experiencing poor quality work at other places. They did a fantastic job and prices were very reasonable! It did take 10 days, but they tell you that verbally before purchasing the service and have multiple signs throughout the shop stating this. It wasn't an issue because I just used my spare bow.

I'll be making Andrew's my new "go to" for services and repairs and have recommended it to my music teacher sister who also needed a new shop she could trust.

Braeden S.

Tempe, AZ

The absolute best shop in the valley when it comes to stringed instruments. I played the cello throughout elementary, middle and high school before selling my instrument to help pay for college, and four years later I decided to pick it back up and buy a new cello. I purchased a somewhat decent but certainly not "professional grade" cello off of Craigslist (my budget was limited) and immediately wanted to make some adjustments to help create the sound I was looking for. At first, the cello had a very "tinny" sound to the A string due to the cheap, basic strings that came with it, which I wanted to fix so that it sounded more mellow and muted, especially in higher positions. I contacted Andrew's Fine Violins about this and they had numerous suggestions of different strings I could use to achieve this sound. I decided to take it in to see what they could do, and as soon as I got there they were ready to help me achieve the sound I wanted. In addition to telling me which strings they thought would work, they allowed me to test out the strings on some incredibly beautiful cellos they had which were already strung with these specific string sets. Eventually, we decided on a mix of different brands and tones for ALL of my 4 strings and they replaced the strings and the bridge of my cello (which was terribly warped) within a few days. Not only did my cello sound far better right off the bat... the strings also wore in beautifully after just a few weeks and the sound is to die for. Thank you, Andrew's Fine Violins, for making a cheap cello sound like a million bucks!

Mary M.

Excellent workmanship! Honest appraisal of the work to be done. Understanding of musician's feelings about their instruments. Friendly staff and the store is very organized!

Yasmeen S.

Gilbert, AZ

friendly and very knowledgable staff

and they offer lessons at their in-store studio

Corey N.

Tempe, AZ

3 music teachers that I know recommend Andrew's...He has always provided great instruments at a fair price, for our child..4 years running.

Phoenix J.

Mesa, AZ

Amazing shop - Andrew & all his apprentices are extremely helpful and understanding, & they have amazing warranty & products! Best string instrument shop in Arizona!

Andy L.

Scottsdale, AZ

"This shop has done wonders for my personal and school instruments. I wish they were more centrally located since I teach and live in North Phoenix, but they are SOOOOO worth the drive!

I had them work on all my low string (Cellos and basses) and they came back playing drastically different. The work was fairly priced and he wasn't afraid to let me know what I really had in terms of initial quality. I have also asked him to restore an older violin, and I know the results will be spectacular!

Long story short....beautiful shop, beautiful work, beautiful people!"

Luis H.

Bay Lake, FL

Love this place. I can always trust Andrew when it comes to my violin. The service is excellent and the craftsmanship is flawless. By far the best strings shop in Mesa!

Patrick M.

Tempe, AZ

Andrew took my Grandfather's violin from 1895, which was neglected for over 40 years, and made it look and sound like a museum piece. Much of the varnish was missing, the tailpiece was shot, the pegs were broken, and the bridge and sound post were unusable. Andrew matched the varnish exactly and gave the violin a new set-up, and wow does it look and sound great. Now I can continue to pass this violin on to the next generation in our family, but only after I am done playing it. Thank you Andrew!!!

Celia S.

Apache Junction, AZ

"What a life changing event for me it was when I had my Roth violin restored to its original beauty and sound! This shop is a jewell, with highly skilled craftsmen giving instruments and their owners a new lease on life. They are professional, yet kind gracious and courteous never making a customer feel rushed or pressured. Their costs are reasonable, their work is perfection, and to top it off they always seem to greet customers with a warm and heartfelt welcome.

Without hesitation I would recommend them to anyone."


Kirstin H.

Awesome service. These guys truly care more about matching the player to the right instrument and components than making a buck. Also, Andrew is both an amazing luthier and listening to the way he can make my instrument sound. Wishing for the day I can make it sound the way he does! Seriously though, I have never been more confident that I am going to walk in the door and be treated like family. They watch out for you, they want you to play your best, and they will bend over backward to help you get there.

Kailey P.

Andrew's is the superior place in the valley for string repair, rental, and purchase. I would never trust anyone else!! He will always provide the best service and be honest/give the best deal.

Ethan R.

Andrew's fine violins is the best

Lara K.

First of all let me say I am not a musician but loved the whole vibe of Andrew's Fine Violins. I first wend into the store to buy rosin for my son that is just beginning to play the violin (we had already rented an instrument from another local music store). After speaking to the owner (Andrew) about renting from his store, I was surprised that the rental fee was less. About a week later, my son and I went back and rented a violin from Andrew's (as the monthly fee due date for the other store was approaching). The store was packed with customers and students coming in for lessons, however, Andrew was completely calm and professional and took care of each customer quickly and efficiently. You can tell Andrew truly loves what he does from restoring, repairing, renting or selling quality instruments and takes pride in his work.

Michelle F. S.

"Great shop and wonderful instruments."


Laura O. O.

I've been a customer of Andrew's Fine Violins for many years. I have repaired, rented and purchased instruments from them and referred my friends and family. I cannot say enough for their workmanship, quality, selection and customer service! Andrew and staff exhibit all the best qualities of a local small business. They're the best, hands down.

H Duane L.

Thank you wonderful work you did of cutting and fitting a new bridge. That is the best sound I have ever gotten from it.

Kevin B.

Had a great experience. Sales staff was very helpful and helped our son choose the perfect violin for himself.

Jerry T.

These guys went above and beyond what is expected of normal business, being that I'm in Texas! I will definitely be upgrading my boys' cello and violin when the time comes, keep up the good work!

Sierah H.

I got the first violin that I could call my own here. They are extremely patient and don't rush you into choosing anything. They give you a room to try out instruments in and let you have however long you want. (They even let me take a couple violins home with me to try them out in class for a week). I've gone back many times since then for strings and bows and will continue going back for basically anything I need concerningmy instrument. I recommend them to anyone involved in instrumental music. Their customer service is the best around too!

Kaylie P.

Queen Creek, AZ

"I went into andrews today looking for a viola, everyone, including my teacher, at my school raved about them so I thought why not?! I was seeing stars, I went in knowing somewhat I wanted in my instrument, and they gave me multiple options and gave me a small room to play them and try them out and I found my dream instrument! I'm so glad I went here, I will recommend them to everyone I know and will continue going there."

Janet H.

Tucson, AZ

"Thanks to my brother Joel and niece Charlotte who guided us, my son Michael and I were able to get a violin for my grandson Jordan today at a great place in Phoenix called Andrew's Fine Violins. These people provide the best customer service and truly strive to create lifelong customers."

Christi E.

Chandler, AZ

"The Phoenix area strings community is incredibly fortunate to have Andrew's Fine Violins. Andrew's is the place to go for instrument rental and repairs."

Annah M.

Thank you Andrzej and Michal for helping me with new strings and setup for my cello. It sounds great! You have a customer for life. ♥

Jim G.

Scottsdale, Arizona

What a great shop and beautiful instruments!!!

Jeremiah S.

Love your store.

Laura O.

Maricoapa, AZ

Thank you so much for the guidance, conversation and excellent VIOLA BOW! Someday, I'll be in for the viola also. :)

Joni M.

I brought my son in this morning to rent a violin for school. It was the best experience we have ever had renting an instrument. The customer service was superb and he ended up with a high quality rental for a great price. Thanks for going the extra mile to make sure my son had an excellent instrument! :)

Naomi G.

Beautiful shop! Was great to tour it and spend some time with you guys. Good work and we'll see you soon (I am sure.... )!

Cindy B.

Thanks for your super service in getting ASA a rental bass to tide us through our upcoming concerts when we were suddenly one bass short for our 17 awesome bass students!

Sheila M.

Ha! I DID like it on FB a while ago:):) AND My fiddle sounds AWESOME!!! Thanks Andrew and Stan:)

Heidi G.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to look over that Violin with me. I appreciate you guys and your brains ;)

Zak Saenz B.

Had a new violin set up with a new bridge and string. They are very professional and friendly.

Carl R R.

Andrew does a super job at fine adjusting violins for maximum performance

Jonathan H.

Once again, thank you so much for repairing my violin Andrew!

Laurel M. N.

Happy to have finally found a local place with fine quality work and instruments.