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 HOURS:          MON. - FRI. 10AM - 6PM,              SATURDAY 10AM - 3PM,              SUNDAY CLOSED

(480) 820-0994

Andrew´s Fine Violins is full service violin shop with years of experience in restoring string instruments, that offers

restorations of all levels and difficulty.

LUTHIER - Andrzej Derkacz owner and restorer who for 8 years worked and studied at Kolstein Music under an eye of Barrie Kolstein and Jacob Cralidis. Also he has extended his experience in violin restoration by working for 6 years

at the String Shop of Arizona with Terrance McShane. In 2009 Andrzej Derkacz established his own workshop 

under Andrew's Fine Violins serving local community of valley of the sun for last 12 years.


- professional as well student bridge set up

- fingerboard leveling

- new peg fitting

- peg bushings

- new sound post fitting and adjustment

- touch up

- crack repairs

- inlay sound post patches

- new bass bar fitting

- new neck or neck graft fitting

- instrument varnishing and more

     PROFESSIONAL BRIDGE                          SOUND POST PATCH

          CLAMPING THE TOP                                    NECK GRAFT

We believe that it is very important to preserve original varnish and do the touch up with minimum brush involvement.

As bad as it may look like, any damage can be repaired properly.

We always strive for the best quality while not braking the bank.

Please call us for a free quote

Our Low C-Extensions are affordable and come with Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Please call us for a free quote


It is very important for best results, to have the repair done as soon as possible after the damage actually happened

Proper repair is crucial for integrity of the instrument and conserving the original sound.


Touring around the world with his bass it is always

very challenging, no matter how much you will protect your instrument it is not if it will get damaged, but when.


Andrew's Fine Violins offers a wide variety of bow repair and restoration thanks to the great cooperation with bow maker Michael D'Avanzo. Michael is also a cellist at The Phoenix Symphony and he completed his Masters at the Julliard School.

Some of the services we offer:

1. Bow Re-hair (estimated time 5-10 days)

2. Face plate replacement

3. Bow straightening

4. Broken head repair

5. Eyelet replacement

6. Cleaning and polishing